Xtended Cashback Rewards: We #WantMore for you!🤑

If i deposit 1000 then 5000 then how much cashback i will get ?

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Hi @Harshit_Parmar

You will receive 150 cashback then

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Ok thanks . Am I eligible for this bcz my full kyc will be done tomorrow thats not my fault as previously it was on 14 june but no one came so I rescheduled it to 16 may today as there is no option for today

Tell i am eligible for what amount cashback?

Cashback will be credited BY JUNE 22nd.(By end of the day)
For some users cashback is credited.

150 For depositing 1000 and 5000.

For e-commerce spend 50
And for UPI txn 25

Yesterday I opened the acc. and today is done with the KYC.

Today(20th June 2021) I received an email from NiyoX, “Last day to win extended cashback rewards”.

I added more than 5k in the acc. and also did UPI transaction.

The last date of the offer was 15th June 2021, will I receive the cashback??
If not then why I received the promotional email??

Please help me out to get the answer.


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Hi @VinitKumar
Welcome to community,
Sorry this offer has ended. We have other offers in future. You can receive rewards by participating in future offers. You must have received the email by some error.

Hi Kshiti,

This is a Bank error then the Bank must need to work on this with some consideration towards the customer.

Please convey to the Bank, when the customer received some information officially from the bank then this is the Bank responsibility to complete or full fill the offer.

Sorry to say, but in this case, I will not continue with the Bank and will request for the account closure.


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Hi @VinitKumar

The communication must have the end date and terms and conditions attached with it. We will have more offers in future. However this offer has already ended.

Reply to old customers too.

Hi @Ajazmohd

We checked and you have received the cashback you were eligible for.

Then tell me which txns were considered as eligible?

True. If the offer has already ended 5 days prior why even send the email to the customers and misdirect them to try for the offer? If you are sending these offer emails make sure they are applicable rather than just to misdirect the customer.

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@VinitKumar Good decision.

@6301326767 @Red
I already know that if we point out something, that post needs approval👇

Good decision bro.
There are some demerits as well. My friend @6301326767 was unable to transfer more than 10k from paytm wallet to this bank. When tried with other bank it worked.
And customer support is not good. Though I did eligible txns, I didn’t get the total cashback promised by them.
Me and my friends whom I referred are also thinking to close this account. Let’s see it’s services for some more days.

His @Red account is frozen and he is unable to do txns. If this happens with me…my allotted branch is 220+ Kms from my hometown.

Approved after 15 hours.

Hey , today I don’t receive my cashback , I also loaded a money 5k in my account . According to the your campaign I spent a 1500 rupee in pos/ecom and 250 rupees upi paymnt but today I don’t receive any cash back please help me association manager. My account customer ID is - 8685920

Please help me :pray::pray::pray: @KshitiVyas shitiVyas

@HimanshuGautam You will receive it by End of the day. Wait for some more time. If you don’t get it by 11:59 PM you can raise a ticket.

@KshitiVyas @Bansari
My friend @6301326767 whom I referred, got cashback for all the offers of June campaign except for spending 1500 on e-commerce sites.
His customer ID : 9120419
Just have a check!