Wrost debit card šŸ˜’

I tried to repay my Amazon pay later balance,
In 1st time i thought i filled wrong mistake but after that i reverify my details 5 times every single details,
On payment page when i enter the cvv code and fill the otp my transection got decline evey single time,i tried 5 times in 3 days at different time.
Totally rubbish debit card.


Hello @Vijenderurav
This seems to be an issue with new debit cards, @ashrithjain was following up on this. I encountered this issue on mobikwik and paytm. On mobikwik, it reflects as a credit card or sometimes as an international card and on paytm, I had to select the credit card option instead of debit card to proceed ahead.
Since you are paying your amazon pay later balance, you would not have the option of credit card and therefore using the debit card. Till the time this issue gets resolved, can you pay using UPI if it is one of the payment options?

same thing, i faced same issue while paying on amazon and linkedin

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