Wohoo! Zero Forex Markup is Free for All👋🥰

Hey everyone,

We know you’re in love​:sparkling_heart: with your NiyoX card when we see the encouraging response to our :zero::zero::seven: proposition, ZERO forex markup feature, Invest the Change micro-investments in mutual funds, Refer and Earn program, rewards programs, and much more.

:bellhop_bell:Today, we’re bringing you yet another reason that’ll make you fall in love with your NiyoX card all over again.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Zero Forex Markup Free for All

We had earlier extended Niyo’s famous ZERO forex markup* facility till 31st March 2022.

We are happy to share that until further notice, all full KYC users with NiyoX VISA Platinum Debit Card can avail of ZERO forex markup with no strings attached.

This calls for a celebration!:raised_hands::tada:

Thanks🤗 for tagging along with us as we #DecodeBanking for you.


Team Niyo

*VISA exchange rates apply

Did you wonder🤔, what is zero forex markup?

Forex markup is a fee usually (up to 3%) charged by a bank on the total amount of an international transaction.

Your NiyoX Card comes with ZERO forex markup*. It means, Niyo doesn’t charge you any fee over and above your international transaction amount and only the VISA exchange rate is applied. This helps in big savings on your overseas payments.

Great! But where can i check visa exchange rates?

Hey @Abhinav_Chemikala! You may bookmark this link: Currency Converter - Exchange Rate Calculator | Visa and check the Visa exchange rate. Please note, the Bank Fee field should be 0.


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Doesn’t changed the fact that your card betrayed me in Russia even the SBM variant, my asian backpacking trip got ruined. Instead u don’t even accept your mistake and saying that the card had no problem, even in India it doesn’t works​:rage::rage:

Hey @Ayushmat_Modgill! Regret the inconvenience! :worried:

Under the ongoing war situation between Russia and Ukraine, financial transactions have to come to a grinding halt. Niyo’s card issues, Visa has restricted its usage in these war zones until further notice due to which you might have faced the transaction issues and we are sorry about it.

Do let us know the issue you’ve been facing while using the card in India. You may reach out to our in-app Live Chat Support and share the transaction details and we’ll investigate it further.


It happened in Oct 2021. Your team ruined my trip and don’t even accept their fault

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