Why visit the bank for address change?

Hi! There wasn’t a provision to enter a communication address when I’m opening the account and address was copied from Aadhar card. This was an old address of mine and I couldn’t get my card delivered for this reason and it’s more than 2 months since I got my account created.

I can understand the reason but I got communication to visit nearest IDFC bank for updating my address. Isn’t Neo bank expected to make this experience better without having to visit the bank for such requests?

Appreciate if you can either get the card delivered on communication address which I can share upon request or facilitate a process to update my address online. Thanks!

Hey Sunil! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Please note, you can choose to update the communication address while on boarding and the card will be delivered on the same. In this case, as the address is already registered, we request you to please follow the address updation process by visiting the branch so that we can proceed further.

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