Why the limit was changed? And when will user get to know?

Dear Niyo,

By hearing the product usage I was hooked to get SBM. The main things were the limits bcz of which I got this card.

After certain period it was revised without informing user. How can user trust these things if it keeps on changing always.

The proposition is changing all time.

Now my account is blocked. Instead of giving all information while onboarding didn’t help to create a customer profile. Better you would have done creator score integrations.

You will be needing few documents now in order to process further.

How is this fair to put all blame on bank and say money is not blocked by us but by bank. Then people should be trusting banks directly, why trust partners with whine they work.

Earlier niyoX had less limit and now it increased and SBM decreased the limits. How can a customer trust what’s being offered to them?

It’s just a hook to get customers on all your product to increase customer number to raise funds?

I would be not trusting in niyo anymore and will even suggest my friends/family/followers to stipe using that bcz it can get blocked anytime and Niyo will put that on banks.

Hey @PooshamC! Our sincere apologies for the hassle experience. :pensive:

We are getting this checked with our concerned team and will reach out to you on your ticket 1170876 as soon as we receive an update for the same. It would be great if you give us a chance to serve you better.


It’s been two days since I’ve this issue m not been able to make any sort of transaction. So please no more delays