Why the bug of Neo IDFC app has not been fixed yet?

There have been no updates to this app in the last three months. This app bug has not been fixed.There are still bugs in the card limits and advanced card settings options in card settings. If you want to use the IDFC Bank app, then you must close the Neo IDFC app completely.I see that you are highlighting new products but you can’t fix this neo IDFC app bug. What kind of policy is this? :rage::rage::angry::angry:

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They forget that they even have niyo idfc Savin account product. So better not to distrub them. They only work on new product and then forget the same after launching a new one. There main focus is now only on niyox account.

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Hello Kalyan,
Acknowledge your complaint. We request you to use the IDFC app to edit the Card limits and Card settings. While you don’t need to close the Niyo IDFC app, you can still go ahead and start using the IDFC app.

Head -Customer Service and Ops

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Exactly. And now they even removed Niyo IDFC from their homepage. I’m not able to open account since 2 months. Support is worst, they dont have any proper answer. Seems like they are gonna discontinued their Niyo IDFC service soon.

If I use the IDFC Bank app then there is no point in using your Neo IDFC app.The IDFC Bank app is much better than the Neo IDFC app. When you can’t fix the bug in the Neo IDFC app, you can turn off the service of this app.There is no point in using two apps for one account. And why did you not admit your failure? @Hemant_Tathod

Hi Kalyan,

We regret all the inconvenience caused to you. Unfortunately the product works in partnership with a bank and presently we are facing few challenges which we are yet to overcome and sadly I do not have a timeline to commit also.

IDFC bank’s app is great, please do go ahead and use that and the netbanking. We had designed the product in a manner that customer can use Niyo app / IDFC app or IDFC net banking.

I am not sure when we can get Niyo IDFC app working absolutely seamlessly so it would be great if you migrate fully to IDFC app and netbanking.

Once again regret inconvenience.


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