Why No Spend Based Offer For Niyo Idfc Debit Card

People are receiving spend based offer for debit card (idfc savings) and here since the date I opened the account haven’t received any spend based offer on debit card.
Feedback: please send/include niyo customer too for spend based offer. Atleast provide some offer like free amazon prime membership, amazon voucher or any voucher etc etc.
Or else I’ve to shift idfc savings account. Cause it gives more benefits then niyo account as I’ve already mentioned enough account balance.

Also please let us know when you’ll gonna provide matel card and any future plans for Paylater/debit card emi ?

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We have made a note of it to ensure that we can serve you better.

We don’t have any confirmation on launching paylater or debit card emi option with the card, We will certainly keep you informed we come up with such a feature… LK

Hi @imashish

Customers are requesting offers like reward points, discounts etc. from the beginning itself. No use of expecting it.

I wish atleast Niyo provide basic banking services without fail. Day by day :-1::-1::-1:

Right,… at least niyo have to provide debit card Reward points and spend based offer. But til date there’s no such offer by nito team. There’s no use of niyo in terms of offers.
Hope they will come soon with some offer’s or otherwise we’ve to shift directly to idfc savings account cause they are proving good offers/competition to other banks like hdfc and icici.
@Lucky please consider this feedback and share with with the marketing team do that they can think on this.
Don’t need paylater/emi option but consider reward points and spend based offer/cashback.

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