Why does a neobanking app that is supposed to provide ease of online banking doesn't allow its customers to change their phone number online when its partner bank allows it?


I recently switched to a different SIM card, after that I applied for phone number change in all my bank accounts and it was done. I’m honestly pleasantly surprised by the service of Equitas bank, the process was completely online, just a video call and it was done. Yet for some strange reason NiyoX won’t let me do the same.

I also have an account in another neobanking app Fi money (Federal Bank), and they also let me do it easily without any hassle.

This is a very imortant feature and yet for some reason its not present in NiyoX even after months of people asking for it.

I have changed my number with equitas bank but can’t in NiyoX app. I will be managing this account using Equitas app/site only. NiyoX will be useless for me as I won’t be able to login soon as I will loose access to my old phone number soon.

Its kind of ironic when your banking partner is providing the feature yet for some reason you guys (who are supposed to modernize your banking partner) don’t.

Goodbye NiyoX.

Hey @Rahul9964 ! Yikes! That’s not how we want our customers to feel! We’ve made a note of your feedback and shall pass it on to the relevant team. You will be notified once the feature is pushed live. Your patience is highly appreciated.

@Wasim_Al_Basha any approximate timeframe when the feature will be live?

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