Why delegating task to IDFC


I’ve observed that NiYO is delegating all the request related to NIYO IDFC account to IDFC Bank.

In simple words, they are no more bothered about NiYO IDFC users.

Customer support has stopped as well. For every query, response would be to visit nearest IDFC branch.

I do suspect once your card is expired, NiYO is not going to renew it.

They want existing users to visit nearest branch and get their account changed to local branch.

Very soon they might ask users to change their account from NiYO IDFC to IDFC.

This directly implies tie is over between NiYO and IDFC because they have new bank and new product in hand NiYOx.

It’s very shameful of you NiYO.

Never take your customers for granted, if you really want to succeed.

Just acquiring customer on the basis of marketing and rewards won’t help.

Try solving real problems of your user.

PS: You are not going to approve this post but circulate this to your management as feedback.

Dear Prince,

Thanks for reaching out to us. It’s always important for us to cater to our customer needs as much as possible, so we’re very sorry we couldn’t deliver what you expected.

Each of our products have been launched in partnership with different partner banks, each with a set of offerings and specifications that they are able to commit to the product.
In the first case, the feature development has leaned more towards the partner bank’s end. NiyoX has been developed afresh and from the learnings of our pilot product, and we are confident that this new product will support your goals, both in savings and investments.
For our customers to enjoy uninterrupted banking services, we’re requesting them to use the IDFC FIRST SA application which can be downloaded from the iOS Appstore or Google Playstore.
Once again, we’re very sorry that we couldn’t deliver what you expected but we would request you to try out our unique new NiyoX 2-in-1 offering, a state-of-the-art product. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Ok. Got it.

Simple question, does the benefits offered to NiYO IDFC account still exist or it has also ended?

All the benefits will be as per that offered by the IDFC FIRST bank. SR

Why diplomatic answers to every simple question?

It was simple yes/no kind of answer.

Will I get 007 benefits? Yes/ No?

Yes… all benefits are there and will be there Prince. The only change is that we request you to use IDFC mobile app for banking and Niyo Money app for MF. There are some challenges on the current app which we are working on with our partner bank. The account remains

0 balance
Free card
0 forex
whatever interest IDFC offers (currently its 6%)
0 commission MF

So no issues on those ends.


Thanks Vinay for clearing this out.

Hope everything gets sorted soon.

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May I know until when we can have this offer

0 balance
0 Forex Markup
0 Mutual Fund Commission

Also if we want replace the Niyo IDFC Card due to Loss / Damage / Expiry, what is the procedure? Will we get the same card with same features in future as well?

yep…these features will remain with the present account. Card replacement has to be done through IDFC app.

Thanks @Vinay_Bagri for the info. By the way will get same Niyo Visa Platinum Card in future as well?

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