Why cards are not delivered on Time?

Alright ,sure. Is there any way I could track the progress in this case, other than looking at the “track order” page, which in this case has not changed at all.

Yes, once it gets dispatched, you’ll be able to track it through the app.

Hey @Raghavbhat @Gaurav_Singh2 @Swapnil90 @Puneet.Tejpaul! We believe that your debit card has been delivered to you. For any further help, you may reach out to our 24/7 live chat support through your Niyo SBM app and we are happy to assist you.

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@Deepak my Niyo global card is being returned without a delivery attempt my travel date is 24 June could you please look into this? Also if it’s not possible to deliver please let me know how to shut this account because then it serves no purpose, the live chat on the app is just useless

Ticket raised:1329545

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Thanks a lot Deepak
I received my card and its great

I sent you a message personally ,please check and reply

Thanks and Regards

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@Deepak any update on this? The customer service is really poor they only reply with generic messages?

Hi @Deepak , Good Day! Similar issue for me. Please let me know if my card will be delivered before June 28th. I’m the app it shows 24th of June. I think we cannot rely on it now. Kindly help me to know the status. I have travel plans by June 29th


Hey @Ramkumar_Veeramani! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We see that your card request has been placed on the 18th of June. The card dispatch is in process. We kindly request you to wait. It will be dispatched at the earliest and you may receive it before your travel date.


It’s not any complaint :sweat_smile:

I Received my Card in Rural Area ( Pure Village) .

  • Amazing Box, Classic Looking Gorgeous.
  • Some Documentation Paper .
  • Sticker
  • ATM
  • ATM Cover ( RFID Protective)

Compare to NiyoX Box , it was smaller but it I liked it.

Rest You can Figure out in Screenshot.


Hi @Deepak - the card came after I had left India and has now gone back to SBM? Have raised a ticket for re sending the same - can you help with the same?

Ticket # is 1338217

I am travelling again soon and would be great to get the card at the earliest

Hi @Deepak ,
I am travelling on 28th July, can you please expedite the card dispatch process, I have completed the e kyc and other requirements for ordering the card. Please let me know if there is some customer care number to get in touch with you guys!

Hi @Deepak ,

I have done all the necessary requirements and the card hasn’t been shipped yet. I can see the expected delivery date as 27th July.

I will be travelling on 29th July. I really need the card and will be grateful if you can deliver it on or before 28th July.

Can you please expedite the process?
Thank you,
Anish Hota

Hey @anish_hota! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We see that your card has been ordered on the 19th of July around 05:34 PM. Please be assured that your card will be dispatched once it is ready with your name on it. Our delivery team will try to help you to their best. You can track the status of the card with the tracking details available in the app.


After how many days you ordered


Hey, my name is Parag. My tracking ID 12424110865152. The card was supposed to be shipped to my house on the 24th of July and its the 28th of July and i have still not received it. When i check for the reason as to why i have not received it, it shows that “our delivery partner could not reach you.” I am at home waiting for the card everyday, i don’t understand how your system works. I am very furious as y’all have not given any kind of contact information where we can call the delivery guy and ask him what the issue is. Even when i call the customer service they ask me to mail when I want to talk to a representative. I have my flight in a matter of days and i need the niyo global card. Do whatever u have to just get me the card!

Hello @Kathan_Shah ! Upon checking, the delivery status shows “In-transit” and the estimated delivery date is 28th July. We request your patience. -WB

Hey @anish_hota! I’ve tried reaching out to you. Unfortunately, couldn’t get connected. I believe that your card has been delivered to you. For any help, you may reach out to our live chat support through the Niyo SBM app and we are happy to assist you.


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I’m facing same issue I ordered on 25th july they said by 31st I’ll get that’s ideally today they want customers so all this is happening worst support I’m travelling next week I doubt in getting my card

There is no proper support same repetitive Executives repitice messages is been updated