Why cards are not delivered on Time?

I have opened the account, and the estimated date if card delivering was 10th June 2022. Still it’s not delivered. I am afraid

I am facing a similar issue

Hi Team,

I have ordered my Global niyo card and it is being more than a week and the card order status is still stuck in ‘ordered’ status. Could you please help me with this on priority basis? I have travel plans on 14th June and I am afraid looking at the current status.

I have raised a ticket as well. Ticket Number: 1320951

Name: Gaurav Singh

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Hey @Swapnil90 @Gaurav_Singh2! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Once the card request is raised, usually, it takes up to 15 days to get the card delivered to your registered communication address. We kindly request you wait until then. If the card is not delivered by then, reach out to our support and we’ll have our team investigate it.


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I think as of now they are just looking to get the customers and not paying attention on Customer Service…

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Hi Deepak! It is great to be a part of the community.
The app says it takes max 7-10 days to deliver the card and keeping that in mind I ordered the same. but the delay in shipment is now worrisome.
As I mentioned I have travel plan on 14th June and I am eagerly waiting for the delivery

Could you please help in some way to expedite the process?

Ticket Number 1320951

@Gaurav_Singh2 @Swapnil90 It looks like there is a delay in dispatching the cards from the bank. On your behalf, we’ll have this followed up with the bank and try to help you with the card delivery as soon as possible. Also, we kindly request you to share your personal details only via a direct message as your privacy matters to us.

Hi Deepak,

I am facing the same issue as well. I ordered my card on June 3rd and still it shows the ordered status. The Card is yet not shipped. The in app chat support is not very useful. It seems they themselves do not have the visibility.I have travel plans in next 3 days. The standard days of delivery as communicated was 7 days. Could you please help in anyway to expedite this.

Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the information and sharing the privacy concerns. I can now see that the card is shipped and is in transit. I am hoping it gets delivered by monday. Thank You!

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Hi Deepak,

I can see that card is been shipped. Thanks for the efforts.

Swapnil Mane

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Hi Deepak,
Same issue here. I placed the order on 8thJune and the estimated time is 14th. I’m traveling on 16th. The status shows ‘ordered’. I live in Bangalore.
Could you please check and confirm if I will get the card before that? Or do i need to look for other options?


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Hi Team!

Even I am facing the same issue. My delivery status is stuck to ordered since 8th June. The Delhivery website says order not found with my tracking ID. I have travel plans for 20th June and its getting worrisome now. Please look into the matter.


Hey @Rishi97! Welcome Niyo Community!

Your card request has been placed on the 8th of June. Usually, it takes up to 10-15 days to get the card delivered. You’ll be able to track it through your Niyo SBM app and know the updated status once it is dispatched. We kindly request you to please wait until then.


Hi Deepak,
After reading through the posts related to delayed card delivery i could see that the primary issue is with the Expected delivery date that is mentioned once we place the order.

I had placed the order on 8th and the Expected delivery date is 14th. From your comments i could see that the minimum processing time 10-15 days. If that is the case if you had given the same in the estimated delivery date by this time customers like me would have started exploring other options.

Now I know that I’m not going to get the card and also I will not be at home when I get the card could you please cancel the card?

Thanks & regards,

Same issue as being faced by @Karthik_TS for me as well. I am travelling on June 16th as well and dont think the card will come by then…

Hi @Deepak - Can you help me with my card - request raised on June 9th but no idea of status - AWB number is not appearing as valid or with any status on Delhivery.com?

My flight is on June 16th

<<< Urgent >>>

Hi Team, I have an upcoming trip on June 16th - the physical Niyo card is supposed to arrive by June 15th but unable to track on Delhivery or get an udpate about the same?

Request if someone can help?

Hey @Harsh_Jaju! Welcome to Niyo Community!

@Harsh_Jaju @Karthik_TS we understand your requirement and urgency. We are constantly following up on this and trying to expedite the card deliveries. We kindly request you to please wait and allow us some more time and we’ll help you with this. You should be able to view the updated tracking details in your Niyo SBM app at the earliest.