Which sites does the card work for International Shopping?

The card does not work most of the time.

Is there a defined list of sites where it works and where it does not work?

This is highly unreliable. I got the Niyox/Equitas account only for international shopping.

Which sites card didn’t worked ?

It failed on wyre, simplex, mercuryo, there was an error of double purchase on sloganslingers which has repeated again this month.

It worked on Faraday Defense, Wired Magazine, 1 Euro Houses. But it fails more than it works.

The point is, it is my money, and I should be able to spend it wherever I want.

The biggest issue is, that in 3 cases, 2 minutes after I try to buy something, and it fails, the customer care calls me asking if I did the transaction, and when I say yes it was me, then the transaction goes through. Which means, that NiyoX or Equitas Bank has set up a control system blocking transactions at their end. That is unacceptable. I have my password, I have my settings, what are they checking my transactions for?

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Hey @Karan_Bhatia

We regret the hassle experience. To address your issue and assist you better, we request you to kindly inbox the screenshot of the transaction, reflecting the mode of transaction and date/time, for our team to have this checked and get back to you with an update.

Ranjith M

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