Which niyo card?

I ordered niyo visa signature card.

Should i get a niyox card as well?

Also which niyo card is best?

If you are travelling abroad then keeping the NiyoX card as a backup is a good thought as Niyo SBM Global being a Beta product might sometimes not work as needed so it’s recommended you take a backup card

Hope this helps

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How to get niyox card?

Hey @Gourav_Garg ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. As pointed out by @ScottishBaron , there were a few hiccups at the initial stage when Niyo SBM (Beta) was launched thus we do recommend you to carry a NiyoX debit card as a backup card.

To get onboard to NiyoX, please complete your onboarding by heading here: NiyoX 2 in 1 Onboarding

Post that, you can go ahead and download NiyoX app from your device’s store.

If you do need further help, feel free to reach out to us again!


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Which NiYo card is best?

Equitas, Dcb etc

What are the charges for niyo signature card and other cards?
All charges including issuance, re-issuance etc
Every charge

I can’t tell which is best as product usage varies from person to person. What I can tell you is Niyo Global by SBM is best for traveling and NiyoX is best for day to day banking and it also provides the best interest rate i.e upto 7% p.a

Here’s a link to the Schedule of Charges for

NiyoX: https://www.equitasbank.com/sites/default/files/Niyo_SA_SOC.pdf

Niyo SBM: https://static.goniyo.com/legal/Niyo_SBM_SOC.pdf

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Equitas bank card, debit card transactions charges (international)

how to close bank account if i open one?
are there any charges?

@Gourav_Garg international transaction charges for ATM is ₹100+GST for withdrawals and there might be forex adjustment charges levied on the day the transaction is settled.

@Gourav_Garg for closing account there’s no charges
You can simply log on to the equitas banking portal
Then click on Service request>Video assisted services>account closure request>Select account number & ID proof>upload selected document and follow the rest as needed and someone will contact you for confirmation of account closure
here’s the link for NiyoX equitas
For Niyo SBM simply use the In app chat feature and once you’re connected to an operator simple state you want to close your account and upload the documents asked for and you account will be closed

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I want card
Visa ptinam debit card

Visa Platinum is available for NiyoX while Visa Signature is available for Niyo SBM Global

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