Which MFs can I invest in?

Which Mutual Fund companies can I invest in through Niyo Wealth?

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Hi Uday! Welcome to the community :smiley:
We are empanelled with most of the Mutual Fund companies. You can check out the entire list here - Which Mutual Fund companies are you empanelled with?(https://static.goniyo.com/faq/index.html#collapse-526e)
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I will just suggest you that don’t go by the star ratings and what the apps and mutual funds websites show on their tickr

Look out for the fund manager, are they the right people, their investment philosophy, their past track record (not only in terms of returns but also what do they say and what do they really do) etc and most importantly understand the nature of the product. Mutual fund industry is one of the most unethical industries after insurance.

I have these checklist for my clients.