When is Video KYC option coming on Niyo?

I have opened an account , but not able to even load it upto 1L. I Cant do in-person KYC as I am not currently in Hyderabad due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

It would be really appreciated if you can launch the Video KYC Option as you guys are presenting yourself as pioneers in Neo Banking.

Even the IDFC bank is providing the Video KYC option, so I don’t understand what is stopping you guys to launch that feature. I might just close this account and open in the IDFC bank directly, if this option does not come soon.


Hey there! We absolutely understand your concern, however, we are yet to launch Video KYC feature for completing the biometrics. Rest assured, we have shared the feedback with the team and we will keep you informed if we are coming up with any such feature in the near future. LK

@Lucky Thanks for replying,but I see that you have been just repeating the same line again here which you mentioned in October.

Please let me know what progress(if any) has been there on the Video KYC feature. And please, feel free to say that you guys are not brining video kyc feature if there are no plans to bring the video KYC for Niyo.


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