When i going to open niyo global a/c it want passport

When i going to open niyo global it want passport. But i don’t have passport so can’t i open niyo global bank account.

Hey @SumitBera! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As Niyo Global by SBM is a forex card, the bank has made it mandatory to have a valid passport due to which we ask it while onboarding. In case, if you do not have it, we are sorry to let you know, we cannot onboard you for NiyoX. However, you may try another product of ours i.e NiyoX which offers a Tap & Pay feature and can be used for international transactions at 0 mark-up charges.


If i register ckyc to my aadhaar so can i open niyo global account?

@SumitBera! Just to let you know, A CKYC record is updated only if you hold a Mutual Funds account or an existing Bank account. However, your bank needs to update your KYC details in the central repository after which a valid CKYC number will be generated. Along with CKYC, you still need to have a passport to complete the onboarding.