When can existing equitas customers open a niyo X account

We have waited enough to open niyo X please onboard existing equitas customers now.

Waiting for anyone to reply

Hi @Amit_Rai1 ,

we are working on this, we shall keep you posted :slight_smile:


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Jupiter has came up with existing federal customer too and you’re still working… Working…& working… I think work will be completed by 2025.
I think you’re 10 times bigger then jupiter and covered market in India and you’ve offered services way back then jupiter but you people never worked on existing customers. Don’t know why!
Giving cool card details is not sufficient everytime…come up for existing customers too who are waiting from long if not then just denied it so that there’s no wait by anyone.

@Bansari do you have any update on this?

Hi @imashish,

I am afraid no! Watch out this space for further update.


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