What's the maximum purchase I can make with my Global Card

Can I buy a car or place a deposit for a house?

How does the new Remittance rules (5% tax over 7 lakh) or the LRS limits (max 250,000 usd Remittance/year) apply here? Can I not load my account over a certain amount?

There’s a TCS limit of 7 lakhs transaction means If you transact for 10L then 5% TCS would be applied on incremental amount of 3L.

Also it’s a normal savings account in India and the amount is stored in INR so there shouldn’t be any problem with adding any amount in your account.

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Thanks for getting back. So if I make a purchase with my card for 10L the card would automatically deduct the 5% on 3L?

correct. that’s how it is

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