What it the difference between niyo and IDFC first bank

I can open IDFC FIRST saving account online using there app. what feature does NIYO IDFC FIRST SA provid and how its different from IDFC FIRST BANK account

Hey Yogendra! Welcome to the Niyo Community! IDFC FIRST offers you structured banking and being partnered with it Niyo IDFC First Savings account offers features such as interest up to 7% on savings balance of 1 lakh and above, 0 markup and 0 commission on MF. You can also visit our website for further insights on the products: [https://www.goniyo.com/] LK


hey, Us there any minimum balance that needs to be maintained in IDFC savings account opened via Niyo?

Hey Hemanth! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please note that it is a zero-balance savings account and hence no minimum balance is required to be maintained. LK

Can you please tell me issuance and annual charges of platinum visa debit card

Hey Anurag! Please note that there is no issuance or annual charge involved with the card whatsoever. LK

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