What is rakhi love reward

It is mentioned that if ‘u show ur sister some love… We’ll show some in return’
I just paid 1000 to my sister through niyox but i haven’t received any sort of cashback, reward or scratch card.
What is this offer???
Plzz respond to this
@Bansari @ashrithjain

Hello fellow community member ,
Users who qualify will receive the scratch card by 31st August.

Sachin ツ

Can u specify the terms and conditions to qualify for the reward bcoz i just made a transaction and if that fails to grab a reward that would be really disheartening.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The reward will be given for only one transfer during the offer period, not multiple transfers to the same or different payees
  2. Minimum Fund Transfer Value: ₹100
  3. The reward will be given in the form of a scratch card of up to ₹25

Sachin ツ

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