What is NiyoX and will now NIYO IDFC account will be discontinued in favor of it?

Recently I was viewing the Niyo website and I discovered now there is no any mention of Niyo IDFC account but only of Niyo X.

Hey @Anmol_Singh, we regret for the delay in response. Niyo has partnered with Equitas Small Finance Bank to launch NiyoX. This is a 2 in 1 account, the Savings Account is in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank and the Zero commission Mutual Funds platform is powered by Niyo Money. And for Niyo IDFC account, you will have a fully functional account as NiyoX is a completely different product. You can always access your Niyo IDFC account from the IDFC FIRST mobile banking app or IDFC net-banking. SR

Does this mean that the Niyo IDFC app will be discontinued later and we will have to use IDFC First app to use the banking services?

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Sorry Himanshu, we can’t confirm anything now. We will be coming up with an announcement regarding this soon. SR

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