What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and why are they declined on your Niyo Global card?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) charges are levied by merchants who offer customers an option to pay in their home currencies (in your case, INR). However, by doing so, fees upwards of 7% of your transaction amount may be charged as currency conversion charges. We always advise our customers to transact in the local currency of the country they are visiting, since your Niyo Global card provides you the facility of Zero Currency conversion charges.

For your convenience, we have blocked Dynamic Currency Transactions. However, in rare instances the merchant can charge markup and send the transaction as a normal transaction.

We advise you to be cautious and always insist on paying in the local currency of the country you are visiting. The charge slip will clearly indicate the merchant charges in case of charging markup fees in the transaction with your consent.

Hi all,
I recently visited thailand and carrying my Niyo Global Card, I tried to withdraw money from the Visa Compatible ATMs but the transaction got failed over and over again at almost all the ATMs and I received the notification saying DCC blocked.
This was really frustrating that I was not able to withdraw money even though I was having it in my card with all the international channels enabled and limits set right.
Fortunately I had other credit cards with which I had to withdraw money and had to pay a huge transaction fee everytime I withdrew. There was no response from the chat support as well.
If anyone faced this issue then I would request the Niyo Global Card team to provide a resolution on this.

Hi @Bhuvi

A warm welcome to our Niyo community :innocent:

We certainly understand your discontent. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you. This platform is specifically for our users to express, explore, and identify solutions to your queries. Hope the above post clarifies your concern.


I totally understand this but my concern is a bit different here, I tried to select the other option (Continue without conversion) as well while withdrawing money still I got the same error and I couldn’t withdraw it at all.

Hi @Bhuvi Can you share your mobile number with us, we will run a quick check from our end on what went wrong?


FYI, I have also tried to do the transaction on other ATMs and selecting “Continue without conversion” option too but it didn’t work and I was left with only one choice and that is using my credit card and pay 220 THB everytime I transact, I felt really disappointed with Niyo global that why did I bring the Niyo card with me if it was of no use.

is this the same issue because a lot of guys have raised this issue on the forum and we still haven’t got a perfect reply

kindly help

Hi @Bhuvi just want to clarify something. I see that all the transactions that were you were trying to do from the ATM were declined cause of DCC. This just means that you were trying to withdraw in INR and it got declined because we didn’t want to charge you extra for the conversion.

After that once you selected “Continue without conversion” I guess the ATM wasn’t capable of doing that. I hope this answers your query.

Ok but what is the solution then what if someone needed that money even when they had to pay this charge ?