What is 100 rs + GST when you withdraw money outside India from ATMS


What is the exact charges of withdrawing money from niyo global card abroad… 100 rs + GST of the amount we are withdrawing and what is the exact GST %?? how does this actually works? Can anyone please help me understand this with an example??

it’s 118 rs with gst

Hello @aditya_channe !, The International Withdrawal Charges is 100+Gst and the Gst applied Here is 18%, so the 18% of 100 is 18 Rupees , Therefore The Total Amount that will be Deducted While Doing International Withdrawal is Rs. 118 only. Rest assured, In India you can do 5 Free ATM Transactions on the Other ATMs [Other than SBM (India) Ltd] and you can do unlimited ATM transactions on SBM India’s atm.
FYI :- You Can Only Do 5 Free ATM transactions in a Month, Post Which You’ll be charged Rs.20 Per ATM Transactions and this Limit will reset In the Next month.



And is there any limit on how much money we can withdraw in a transaction?

@aditya_channe These are the Following Limits For The Respective Modes;
₹7.5 Lakh per transaction for POS
₹7.5 Lakh per transaction for Online transactions
₹1 Lakh per transaction for ATM transactions