What happens to Niyo IDFC with the launch of NiyoX?

With the launch of NiyoX product with Equitas Small Finance Bank, what happens to Niyo IDFC?

Everyone on Niyo IDFC has been patiently waiting for months for you to restore full functionality on the app. The card management on the IDFC First Bank app is nowhere as straightforward as on the Niyo app.

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Same doubt. I already contacted Niyo team last week regarding this. But they keep silent.

Also what more funny is, Niyo took suggestions and conducted a poll for New ATM Card Design for Niyo IDFC Customers and now they are using it for NiyoX Equitas customers.

In Niyo website Niyo IDFC is disappeared.

It will operate as usual and there won’t be any change as both of these banks are separate.

Why is it mentioned as 10000 mab and yet no non maintainance charge will be applied? Why the complexity in the wordings?


With my experience of Niyo IDFC, I lost confidence in all future product offerings from Niyo. I believe NiyoX will share the same fate as Niyo IDFC

They still haven’t fixed the card settings section from app, forcing us to use IDFC First app

For people jumping the gun on 7% rates, remember this decision lies with Equitas and can be changed anytime similar to what was done with Niyo IDFC (7 to 6)

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Also there it seems like there will be Debit card annual charges as well which is not mentioned here

  1. Absolutely envious of the NiyoX card design
  2. Niyo will have to up it’s game as IDFC’s new app is quite good as well. (Though card limit management completely sucks)

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