What do you think about these BRAND new NiyoX illustrations?

What do you think about this?

What if we say your new NiyoX could look something like this?

Hi there!

Our li’l visual design team :art: is working day in and day out to bring out the best characters for our revamped app. We’ll be glad if you can lend us a hand by telling how do you feel about the new visuals. Tap on the link below, we promise it won’t take long. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Nice design .
Both buttons are good and I think this is usable one time only .

People like Colourful design .
So Primary looks attractive .
As well as secondary is simple and cool.


I’ll always prefer primary over secondary…


First, try to clearly mention fees and charges for your products on your website like this :-

Because its very difficult to find Fee and Charges for your products.


Hey @lakshit!

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

We understand that it could get a bit confusing when you want to check the charges associated with the many offerings that we have. We appreciate that you brought this to our attention and we want you to know that we are rigorously working on your feedback to ensure that we can be more transparent with the fee structure that we have for all our products.

To ensure that there’s absolute clarity on the charges, we have directly added the SOC(Schedule of Charges) for all our products on our website. Once on our website, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can check the SOC of each of our offerings with a single click.

Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

Hope this helps! LK