What are the charges on niyox Virtual debit card on international payment/ transaction Online Only

What are the charges on niyox debit card on international payment to Skrill or Purchase of a product and services Eg alibaba etc

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Hey @Nickz! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Once you open a NiyoX account, Classic Virtual Card comes pre-activated! Your Virtual Card will be displayed in your NiyoX app. This virtual card can be used for domestic online transactions.

Once you apply and receive the physical debit card, i.e Visa Platinum debit card, it can be used for international transactions. The latest NiyoX card (which has a Tap & Pay feature) offers 0 forex markup card.


Are there any other charges for international transactions? Is it same for cash with drawl outside India?

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@S_G1 The latest NiyoX debit card (which has a tap-and-pay) offers a 0 markup forex card. International Ecom and PoS transactions will be processed based on live visa exchange rates. And for ATM withdrawals, you will be charged 110+GST as a transaction fee.

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