What a big step for India’s Fintech

As being born unprivileged and from General Caste(from the so called caste system), we all get intimidated by bankers from traditional banking institutes. It’s almost hard to tell who is the customer and who is supposed to help and serve the customers almost at any banking company’s branches. Big applause to Niyo for having a community centre forum and customer-centred services while others barely have a proper support system.

Also as a Digital Product Designer, almost every banking apps are sucks and filled with unnecessary security measures with works sometime functionalities. I chose Niyo for their exquisite app design and the minimal yet beautiful card designs.

That’s what makes Neo banks different from the Normal old Type Banks : )

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Hey @Alex_Lynpi ! Welcome to Niyo Community! We appreciate you taking time and giving us your feedback. We’re definitely happy to have you onboard :airplane:. We’re glad that you liked NiyoX. Stay tuned for something that’s exciting coming up, we’re sure you’ll love it :sunglasses:


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Can you check out my post I kinda need little help , it would be great if you helped :grinning:

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Hey @Sachin I’ve escalated the issue. We’ll get back to you shortly. Appreciate your patience :person_in_lotus_position:

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