Welcome to the Niyo Global Community


Welcome to the Niyo Global Community, :hugs:

I’m Akuzo, building this community with you all. Say “Hello” to me anytime.

A space for you to connect, share and talk about all things Travel, International study, Money and anything in between.

What can you do here?

:speaking_head: Voice out: Having the most frustrating day because you are not getting that “OTP” or that payment is not going through? Voice it out~ We are here to help you.

:person_tipping_hand: Just ask for it: Having a sleepless night budgeting for your next Dubai trip? Or not sure if you take on-campus/ off-campus accommodation? Just ask here and wait for that “Guruji” to help you.

:handshake: Your go-to people: Whether you planning your next International trip or going abroad for the first time for your higher studies, this is a community where you would want to discuss your Itinerary or your international study experience.

What's next

:clap:Head on to the Introduction page and let the world you who you are!

  • :flight_departure: If you are a traveller- Introduce yourself here.

  • :books: If you are a student- Introduce yourself here.

:luggage:If you are a traveller, explore the travel page,
:student:If you are an International student, go down the rabbit hole of International students here.
:coffee:Want to see more? Explore our product page.

Want to explore more?

:performing_arts: Check out community events page here and stay updated with our upcoming events.

:footprints: Read some of the best Humans of Niyo Stories here and get ready to share yours as well.

Hey Explorers,

We are currently setting this up, so expect some mess here and there. We are continuously making this better for you.

Stay tuned for more fun and wondrous coming ahead.