Web login available


Do we have any webpage based login to Niyo IDFC SA just like the normal banks would provide? or it is Mobile only?

Hey, I could login to my IDFC first netbanking. First I had to set up net banking but after that I got access to IDFC net banking like any other account.

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Hey Kishore! You can also the use the user name & password created through Niyo to access the IDFC FIRST Bank. ∞VS

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Hi Surya, can you please clarify how to access IDFC bank net banking using credentials from Niyo IDFC account? What will go in username and what will be the password? I realized I do not even have a customer ID provided by Niyo so I cannot choose a username on IDFC website!

You do have a customer ID provided by Niyo. It should’ve been mentioned while opening the account and you will receive the same with the debit card as well. That customer ID along with your registered mobile number will help you to generate username for IDFC netabanking username and password.

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Thank you Himanshu, I missed out on noticing the customer ID provided in the welcome kit. I was able to choose a username and create a net banking account on IDFC bank website. Thank you!