Wealth account processing

Hello, i am stuck at this step, please help me asap. I have seen this type of problem faced by others as well. This is not done, alot of people recommended this app and card, because it has really good features and takes a few minutes to open an account. Whilst i was doing the same I’m stuck at this, when i contacted niyo on email they said issue will resolved in 5-7 working days. I’m flying in 2 weeks and i don’t have enough time for this waiting 7 days to open a account and again wait 7 days for a card to arrive at my home. Please solve it asap or I’m going with other forex card. Please don’t recommend the niyo x.

Hey @Collin_Dias! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! A few users are facing this issue while onboarding for Niyo SBM. We have notified our team, and they are working on it. Unfortunately, we do not have a tentative timeline for it. We’ll reach out to you upon receiving an update on this from our team.

Alternatively, you may try Niyo Global by DCB. To know more about Niyo Global by DCB, you may visit our website here: https://www.goniyo.com/niyodcb/

The onboarding for Niyo Global DCB is an offline procedure. Currently, Niyo Global by DCB service is available in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. If you are from any of these cities and are interested to opt for Niyo Global by DCB, please let us know, and we shall arrange for our sales team to reach out to you. On completion of the onboarding, our team will hand over the debit card to you.