Wealth account is being processed

my ‘wealth account’ has not yet been processed. it has been more than 10 days. I am travelling in the first week of September. I have not received any correspondence barring the occasional promotional email. I need to know if I should look for an alternative. Please help.

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Hey @Joel_Leo! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Thanks for your time over the call. We believe that your account has been created and we see that you have ordered the debit card too. For any further help, reach out to us and we are happy to help you.

Take care!


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My account was activated last night. The app works. I’ve odered the card.

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Thanks for confirming! Have a good day!

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My wealth account is taking so long to create plz look into this matter. I am a student and sortly going to abroad. I want a niyo global card. But it take too much time .plz help me out

my wealth account takes so long to create. Please sort this issue and help me out as soon as possible so that i can apply for a forex card


I’m facing a similar issue. I registered for an account last night. It said you’ll get back in 5-7 business days and today it says 15 days.

Can you please let me know what to do? I’m planning to leave on 31st August, and wanted to get the Forex Card