Watch Ep 1 of Niyo Wealth Talkies now!😎

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Hello everyone!
@ankurc, VP - Product, Niyo Wealth had a really practically informative (not just theories) and fun (I mean it) session with Abhishek Singhal, Head - Product, Aditya Birla Mutual Fund. If you doubt a finance session can be fun and have practical advice, you can check out the trailer.

And once you are convinced (which I’m sure you will be), do watch the entire session which we have broken down into 3 parts here:
Part 1 consists of Abhishek’s career journey and his current work.
Part 2 has Abhishek talking about how he invests his money, advice to his younger self about money etc.
Part 3 has him answering some rapid fire questions from Ankur and how he sees the future of banking and money.

Do let us know who we should have the next session of Wealth Talkies with in the comments below! Of course any other comments are always welcome :slight_smile: