#WantMore with NiyoX? Transact and earn Cashback! 🤑

Customer ID -8873653

All transactions is done but 150 cash back didn’t received

It took few days. But I received :100:.

Customer id - 8872335

But mam I am absolutely eligible to get the cashback for adding more than 5000 into my account because I had not been credited more than 5000 in the very first add money campaign. Please look into it . I had added 5100 on 30st May , that’s why I am absolutely eligible for cashback. And also for spending more than 1500 ,I am eligible . My customer ID is 8826436 . Please look into this again. :pray:

I didn’t get any response. Check my DMs…

Cash back not received for camping may month. Cash back rewards program

Ticket with ID: 958873.
User id : 8824055
I’ve not received cashback of Rs 100 for Card transaction above rs 1500 for the first time, as described in #WantMore with NiyoX? Transact and earn Cashback! 🤑 - #377 by phreakyphoenix

@KshitiVyas @Bansari Please help me out as it has been 5 days since I was supposed to get the cashback. I’ve not received any solution from the previous post or the ticket.

I’ve made transactions of more than 80k since a month received no cash back​:frowning::frowning:

@KshitiVyas reply this … @Bansari

Import your external mutual funds to NiyoX to get 100 cashback on June 22 (By End of the day)
This offer is till June 15th. So hurry up!!!

@KshitiVyas @Aswathy_Nambiar @Bansari @jainashrith my cashback issue hasn’t even been acknowledged despite numerous posts in this thread and support tickets, and a whole week having passed since June 7. Can you please check it out and give me an update asap. Thanks in advance.

Hi @phreakyphoenix
Can you dm me your customer id

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@KshitiVyas I’ve DMed you twice with my customer id 8824055 yesterday and the day before. Please respond asap to it. I’ve been waiting for my cashback for over 7 business days. I’m really saddened by the customer service.

Hi @phreakyphoenix
You received cashback in the previous campaign that ran from April 21 to May 7 thus you are not eligible for the cashback

Hey all the transaction i did were my first’s.
I recieved 150 inspite of getting 250 rs.
Customer id= 8808356

Wait till June 22nd. The cashback you qualified for will be credited.

It was scheduled for 7 june . Am talking the last event not the current one.

Ok. I thought you are telling about current campaign.
I too didn’t get complete cashback yet.
Waiting for their response.

In present is there any cashback offers on registering and open new account