Wanted to know the EOD time

What is the EOD time which is considered for the EOD balance calculation ??

EOD = End of the Day 11:59:59 PM .
According to Equitas Small finance bank & also same with other bank , it reflects on right time .

But in NiyoX , EOD not reflecting on midnight , may this latency or glitch will corrected soon ,
however this happens due to receive SMS and Email in the morning to avoid Disturbance at night which is beneficial for sleeping/ health .

Hope they’ll manage it soon as I’ve already reported over email .

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It’s not a glitch, No bank/broker sends EOD balance sms in midnight,
How do you know it is 11:59 Pm, source?
@Maria @Rajesh_K_K

I’ve checked by comparing " statement" between statement download through " internet banking" and " Niyox App " .
You can check it by using internet Banking .
As per calendar , day ends after 11:59:59 PM .

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