Want to setup Autopay with NiyoX app

I am using Groww app amd want to set up autopay with Equitas Small Finance Bank and I have completed my KYC in NiyoX app but my autopay mandate keeps rejecting with a reason that “KYC is not completed.Refer your Branch”. Please Help!

Hi @Tejas_Mittal, sorry to hear that. Can you please chat with us (Investments section) from the NiyoX app or raise a ticket from the app? That way we will have your registration details and will be able to look into it asap. We will figure this out :slight_smile:

They are telling me to contact with Groww…
Though the problem is from niyoX or Equitas bank end.
As Groww is saying that KYC is not complete please refer your bank.
However I have done with my full kyc

Hi Tejas, Can you ask Groww to check with the bank as it seems there is some issue between the bank and Groww/their mandate partners. Regret the hassle. :confused:

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