Want to complete kyc

I want to get completed my kyc . Please contact on +919079106554

Hey Mohit! The biometrics can only be completed once you have scheduled a meet with one of our agents at one of the serviceable locations. Kindly note that the following are the list of cities where it can be done currently: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore. LK

Hello, I am in jaipur. Can we do it here?

We are sorry to inform you Mohit, but as we mentioned earlier, it can be completed in one of the currently serviceable locations only. LK

Can i get the information if you update serviceable location?

Sure. In case we happen to extend the locations that we are serving currently, we will certainly keep you notified through our channels. LK

Hi Lucky , can it be done on bhopal it’s very near to indore city.

Hey Ashish! Please note that it can be done currently only in these listed cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore. LK

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