Vpa bug which doesn't make you to sign in

There is a major VPA,upi sign in bug which makes you don’t sign in app and complete registration!!

Hey Hardik, Niyo team is already aware of the issue and the time of resolution provided to us is 30th July.
You can get the relevant info here: https://community.goniyo.com/t/unable-to-activate-upi/369/67

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For same problem, I got resolution date is 10th August. Niyo is really clueless on how to solve problem as same problem different resolution dates.

I had started onboarding journey on 25th June and faced DUPLICATE ACCOUNT ERROR. That one fixed by 20th July. Now UPI Issue expected to fix by 10th Aug.

It it taking almost 50days to open operational account with NEO BANK where I could open account directly with any bank within 5 days.

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