Visa Debit Card fee or free

I’ve opened account in Equitas Small finance bank by NiyoX at 25.05.2021 .

Till now Visa Debit Card charge are free ( as promised 1st Year Free ).

  1. When Will I be changed for 2nd Year just after 1 Year ( i.e 25.05.2022) or end of 2nd Year ( which is 25.05.2023) ?

  2. I’ve Not maintained ₹5000 AMB in any Month, is there any way to get wiever ( off) 2nd Year Changes as it’s my 12th Month running?

  3. I’ve not used ATM , online usin UPI & IMPS , will my ATM blocked?

  4. Can I block my ATM without impacting other services?

  5. Any suggestions for us?

Hey @Roshan! Let me try to answer all your queries in detail.

Firstly, I would like to request you to check our previous post about NiyoX debit card charges here: Debit card annual fee for new niyox visa platinum card - #11 by Deepak

  1. You may get charged after the completion of 1 year. Probably, in the first month of the 2nd year.
  2. Rest assured. The revised AMB is Rs.1000 INR. It’s not Rs.5000 INR.
  3. As per the banking policy, if the physical card has been activated, you’ll be charged even if it’s unused for your transactions.
  4. If you are blocking your physical card, you may not be able to make any UPI, PoS, Ecom, or ATM transactions. The account can be used only for fund transfers.

Hope I was able to answer your queries. If this doesn’t help, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll assist you better.


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