Virtual card unusable, actual card never delivered



I have been blocked from using my funds on POS transactions, and your support agents are not helping me. They are wasting my time and not offering a resolution. I need urgent assistance to be able to transact using my debit card on international websites.

I keep getting an SMS from IDFC bank stating that I don’t have enough funds, and your “extremely knowledgeable” support agent thinks that this is the merchant’s fault. I have wasted too much of my time going back and forth with your agents. Your phone agents hang up the call midway and don’t even bother calling back. I need access to my funds. I need access to my debit card. What is going on?

I am attaching the screenshots (which I have shared over 3 times with your WhatsApp support already) of the error again. I have an account balance of over ₹50000, and you are not letting me transact for $20. This is outrageous, and your support representatives have been grossly negligent in handling my grievances.

A ticket was raised for this with ID 863573 but it was marked resolved without any solution. I have been following up with your email and WhatsApp support every single day for over a week now and they are not ready to help me. They keep delaying it and have no idea what is going on.


My debit card (NIYO IDFC Visa debit card (which was the reason why I opened this account) was sent to the wrong address. When I got the call for courier, I had to ask him to take it back and he told me that the bank will resend it to the right address. I waited, for a week, it never happened. Then I got frustrated and raised a ticket, and they said they are working on it. I could use the virtual debit card only once and since then it has been blocked. I have been following up with your support team separately for over ONE MONTH now, and they have no idea where my card is. I understand that I still have the virtual debit card, but here’s my points:

  1. It is no longer working
  2. Physical debit card is a basic service and your bank should be capable of delivering it. I am being given senseless excuses by your support, and they have no idea why my card is not being delivered.

Ticket 828701 was originally raised for the address issue, it is still unresolved, even more than a month later.

I keep getting told that my issue is escalated and what not, but what will escalation do when I am not being offered a resolution, and tickets are just being closed without my permission?

The worst part is that the support team marks the ticket as resolved first, and then says they have escalated the issue. I feel like they are doing this just to get rid of the ticket, and not having to work on the issue on priority. The staff is untrained and most of the time has no idea what they are talking about. They don’t understand the customer’s problems and start suggesting random solutions like “Why don’t you set a higher limit for ATM withdrawals, maybe that will fix it.”

Is this the kind of behavior to be expected from professional support staff? if I’m complaining about the failure of POS transactions, you would tell me to increase my limits for ATM withdrawals? I have tried all means of contact. Phone (they hang up midway, has happened twice. Plus, the call is chargeable. I have spent over ₹100 on the customer care number), Email (I have sent at least 50 separate emails over the course of the past 40 days), WhatsApp (I have been following up at least once every three days) and even Twitter (they keep saying they’re working on it, and nothing ever happens).

I am getting tired of this company and their behavior with their customers. I just hope my card can get to working again and I can dump this account in the trash can once my foreign transaction work is over. The support agents are absolutely truly embarrassingly hopeless.

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Hey there! This is absolutely not the kind of service we promise to offer you. We sincerely regret the delay in getting this resolved for you. We have escalated this with the team on a priority and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an update on the solution. LK

Issue still unresolved. Your support is not ready to accept the problem. They say everything is fine, but my card doesn’t work on ANY website.

Hey there! We have escalated your issue back to the bank and we are trying to get this fixed for you. We will get back to you as soon as we hear anything from the bank’s end. LK

The condition is still the same. I’m still being made to go in circles. Support reps keep saying my issue is escalated but no solution is ever offered.

Issue still persistent. I was told it was resolved, but that was a lie.

Still nothing. No response from support. Card still dead.

Day 42, issue still unresolved.

Day 43, issue still unresolved.

It has been 47 days now. Still no response. Virtual card still doesn’t work. Physical card still not delivered.
@Lucky care to explain?

Still nothing. 53 days and counting.

Day 54:

Physical card was delivered today through the help of IDFC FIRST twitter handle.


However, card still doesn’t work. I have followed up with Idfc team now. Have stopped expecting anything from the Niyo Customer support team. I am providing updates to thread so it goes as a testament to the absolutely pathetic quality of customer service they provide.

I will keep updating this thread till my card works.

Hey Naman! We are glad to know that your card has been delivered to you. We will update you once the issue related to your card is fixed as well. LK

So now you’ve become this shameless that you won’t even give me an estimated time-line? No more 48 hour promises? Excellent!

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Day 60:

My card still DOES NOT WORK.

Day 61

Customer Care closed my ticket AGAIN. Issue still unresolved.

Day 64.
No response from Niyo support team.

Day 75

Issue is still unresolved.

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