Video KYC - Most Needed Option

I loaded 1L and used 90k from the Niyo savings account. Now, I can’t load any more as you don’t allow it. Having a balance restriction of 1L till Full KYC is fine, but restriction to load only 1L doesn’t match sense.

Quick Fix:
You can allow as much amount to be loaded until unless balance doesn’t go beyond 1L

Better Solution
You should seriously look at providing Video KYC.

With cases not decreasing & lots of people moved out of the cities where you offer biometric verification.

With the cases raising, I don’t see people going back to cities any time soon.

With Video KYC, we can upgrade the account, start loading more and start using more


Sure . I totally agree with you. Even small banks like paytm started video KYC. Then why is it too difficult for Niyo(a bank which is completely digital) can’t do this?

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After kyc they will allow only 10 Lac rupees per month. And 25 Lac for year. I don’t know why they are restricting during loading.Spending limit is 50 Lac rupees per year. But you load upto 25 Lac per year. I don’t know what is their logic. :thinking::thinking::thinking:if somebody find this mystery I’ll give him bonus of 1000₹.i’m not hear for advertising but if u want best rate than niyo. Than open exclusive bank account in indusind bank. Their world debit mastercard is the best one. Just one negative point is you need 1 Lac FD. Zero markup charge and best exchange rate then niyo. Their daily spending limit is 4 Lac rupees. If you frequently travel abroad or seller who buy stuff from abroad and selling in India. Then apply for this card. This is only advice not marketing thank you. Have a good day. :hugs::hugs:sorry to the niyo community because you don’t like my post. I think you need to change limits. Because too many competitors are coming into market like indusind and RbL bank Both are best


Yes, limiting Full KYC only to limited cities. People returning back to cities might take longer time.

Niyo team should think of alternative way to do full kyc.

Even Groww is doing full kyc uisng video kyc

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