Video KYC by Equitas, requires 2 working days?

Why do you ask for VIDEO KYC, Also no information is provided except = “Keep your orginal Pancard”
After logging in, keeping the original pancrad, the person now says need you to have a white paper and pen? why cant you inform this before initiating video call?

And after it is done, the Bank requires 2 days to confirm?

So, it;s been 4 days now!

2 Working Days (bank working days)

Please make clear -
Video KYC = 2+ working Days
Partner Verification = Depends on attitude (Ecom)
Even if verification is completed it will require 2+ working days


Got this SMS
“An agent will be visiting you tomorrow to complete your NiyoX KYC. Please be available to attend the agent. -Niyo” just now

I am waiting as per the conformed request!

No OTP yet, I am home and will be home!

Mostly “Ecom” will update later like the day after? or reschedule saying the phone is not reachable? has happened before?
Hoping for a good resolution today :slight_smile:

Hey @Pradeep_S

Welcome to Niyo community,

I’ve tried to connect with you on call. Unfortunately, the calls went unanswered. You can count us. Your concern has been updated with our ECOM partner and we will try to complete the verification at the earliest.


My experience with “ecom express” has been bad - related to ICIC Credit Card! Reading online @ Ecom Express Complaints & Reviews: File a Complaint to Ecom Express Customer Care at looks like it is not happening!
My FIngers are crossed! @ goniyo look good, but don’t share info - such as VKYC and other stuff!

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