Video full kyc feature should be added

Hello guys, fingerprint verification is always getting failed. I’ve updated my aadhar biometric but everytime kyc verification fails and fingerprint doesn’t match because prints on my hands are not very prominent.

So it’ll be better to add video full kyc option. Other banking apps like Fi Money have video full kyc feature.

Hey Vishal! We hear you and want to keep you informed that Video KYC is in our pipeline. We are working round the clock with our partner bank to have this launched and we will keep you informed as soon as we go Live with the feature. Stay tuned! LK


Yes I also failed for verification and kyc is not working for fingerprint and I can’t re schedule it again no one cane after the first try what to do how can I get debit card form this bank

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When video kyc features is enabled in niox application

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