Very Bad Experience With Niyo Idfc Saving Account

First of all I don’t know weather it’s a right platform to share my issue or not, if it was not the right please let me know I’ll delete it (or you/admin) delete it .

I’ve opened account in june and deposited 10k .

  1. I’ve previously refer some of my friends and they are also opened account with niyo idfc but still I haven’t received scratch card amount.
  2. Have spent ₹2500 on online purchase on debit card but haven’t received cashback for first purchase.
  3. No interest charges yet.

For these 3 I’ve chat multiple times over whatsapp abd now they are stopped replying and also over twitter no response.
Seriously i don’t have these expecting with niyo team. Better i was with kotak mahindra bank. I haven’t face any issue in last 3 years.
I’ve moved my balance from kotak to niyo but totally disappoint.

We apologize for the experience you’d with us! Please find the following solutions:

  1. We’re working on your concern in regards to refer & earn and interest charges and will get back to you with an update shortly.
  2. As per the records, we see that the transaction amount is lesser than the amount mentioned in offer T&C’s. Hence, our systems have not processed the cashback. Kindly refer the offer T&C’s for further clarification.

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