Variable Limit from Minimum ₹2000 for Contactless

Hi, it would be great if the Contactless Daily Limit could be changed to ₹2000 for those who want to do.

Hey @debosmit ! Currently, it’s not possible to change the limits for contactless payment method. It remains INR 5,000/txn (Max: INR 6,000/day).

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Hence, please consider it as a feedback and implement in an update. It is handy to give the the Tap and Pay card to the house-help while buying groceries


@debosmit I think it is as per RBI guidelines which has set max transaction limit as 5000. Banks or Niyox can’t do much here for this.

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But there is no limit on the minimum amount to be set. For example, a competition app fi money (compliant with RBI) offers an option to set it as low as ₹1.

A minimum of ₹1000/₹2000 is doable.

But a fixed limit ₹6000 is too much to be paid without authentication. Would love to set a variable Minimum limit for contactless payments.

Currently, Equitas is yet to make an API available for contactless payments. Hence, an advice is to disable Contactless Payments for those concerned with its misuse and enable only before making payment.

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