Validity of Virtual debit card

Whats the validity of Virtual Debit card ? Is it valid for lifetime ( till the card expiry date) ?

I am not planning to order Physical debit card to avoid any charges in future as Its written in NIYO_SBM_SOC that charges can be leived in future without prior notice.

Also I have read some posts here in this community regarding sudden introduction of AMC for debit cards ,
Thats why I dont want any surprise charges and not ordering physical debit card

Hey @mstr! The virtual card will be active for life from the time you’ve opened your Niyo SBM account. However, to do PoS and ATM transactions, we recommend you order a physical debit card. The physical debit card is free of cost, there are no annual maintenance charges on it.

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us.


Hi @Deepak .
I do want to order the physical card but in Niyo_Sbm_Soc its written that “charges can be leived without any prior notice” and i dont want to get surprised to sudden charges.
Maybe you will communicate on this community if charges would be applicable, but not everybody opens the community page everyday.

Can you assure us that no charges would be leived in future too ?
Because as per previous experience with Niyo IDFC etc people have lost some level of trust in Niyo.
Hope you guys understand the importance of Trust in Financial sector. It can make or break any financial institution.

Hey @mstr! I can understand your concern. As communicated, we have no plans of charging for the Niyo Global by SBM physical debit card. It’s going to be free.