Useless Niyo IDFC Savings account

I am fed up of this Niyo IDFC First saving account. Can’t able to deposit money from any of the bank accounts which I have already for last 1 week. Tried adding 40000… Failed. Tried 24000… Failed, already posted this issue earlier too but No solution yet even many customers did complain the same. Moderator and Niyo Official are giving unhelpful reason.
PS… I am doing IMPS still not able to transfer money to Niyo IDFC account from HDFC/DBS both. Will close this account soon.

Old topic link: Unable to add Money in NiyoIDFC Bank account

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Hey Nirmal! Thank you for your time on call. We are working on your concern and we will get back to you shortly with an update. LK

Hi @Niyo_Mod

As per our conversation last week could I get an update on this issue?

Hey Nirmal! We sincerely apologize for the hold-up. This is taking longer than expected to be resolved. Our team is working on the issue and we will get back to you as soon as we have an update. LK

Hi @Niyo_Mod

Issue has been resolved, now able to add money with UPI & Imps both. Thanks :+1:

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Mine still not solved. Please tell how you got it solved?

@sameerchoubey, I just raised concern with Niyo social media team, got call and issue fixed from their end.

I am also facing the same issue. Unable to add money to niyo account through UPI. It has been more than 24 hours since I have raised the issue over whatsapp support of niyo but I am yet to get a resolution.
What is the point of claiming 24x7 whatsapp support when the support team takes more than 24 hours to respond!


I’m waiting for resolutions for multiple complaints varies from more than 1 month to 1 week.

DCMS ERROR 370, I registered on August 28th and till now it is not resolved.

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Many issues are being faced routinely by us and the resolutions are delayed. I fully agree with the topic of this thread!

Yes. If one problem is resolved, immediately another 2 problems will emerge. This what we are experiencing since inception.

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I have had a different experience so far, and my account operating has been smooth and normal like it should (transfers in and out) - I quite like the ease of the app and feel, and look forward to a smoother experience, given how responsive the Niyo team seems


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