UPI transaction limit

I carried out a UPI transaction of Rs5000. After this, I am unable to send money using UPI. The reason being given is that The limit set by the bank has been reached.
Is there any limit on the UPI transaction carried out for the first time.


I have made this complaint a week ago and still it’s not resolved. Unable to pay above ₹1,000.


I was facing the same issue, Yesterday it got resolved.
Raise a ticket in the app, your issue will resolve may soon hopefully.

Cheers :+1:t2:


It’s good to hear that issue is resolved for you. Now how much amount you can send. Did you try sending higher amount, like above ₹10,000?

Hello @Alan_Abraham,

Yes i had successfully transferred more than 10K. Seems issues has resolved.
Try it again by yourself.


Hi @abhashroy,

Yes, it’s working now. Hope it will work flawlessly now onwards…