UPI Limit 5Lakhs/Month

What if we did 5lakhs UPI transactions in 5 days, which is limit of 1 month then rest of the 25 days we didn’t able to transfer any amount via UPI OR We can transfer 1L/day via UPI

Please tell…

Hey @Shikhar_Singh1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

If the UPI fund transfer limit is reached within 5 days, you’ll not be able to transfer the funds through UPI mode. You may have to use IMPS and NEFT mode to transfer the funds.

To know more about the transaction limits, you may check our previous post here: IMP NEFT RTGS : Phone Banking - #2 by Deepak


@Deepak How much amount we can do IMPS to Non-added beneficiary per day.

@Shikhar_Singh1 You can make a quick transfer of up to Rs.20,000 instantly with or without having to save the payee.

If you are adding a payee, the initial cool-off period is 30 minutes. For the first day, after the initial cool-off period, you can send up to Rs.30,000 more in a day.

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