UPI for Niyo Global Card

Can you please activate UPI for Niyo Global Card. It has an account number, IFSC Code.

So it would be great if you can just enable UPI and also add that UPI payments feature to your App.

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Hey Sudheer! The feature is already live for Android users and you can use it to add money through the UPI apps that you already have on your phone. ∞LK

Not for adding money,

I mean, enabling UPI for the card itself.

I got reply from Niyo Whatsapp Support “We would like to inform you that Niyo global card has a virtual account, and UPI requires an actual savings account, hence it cannot be added to UPI, however, we do have an option to add money to through UPI using Niyo application.”

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I also want to use UPI to load funds, unfortunately, it does not seem to work at this time.

About a few months ago, NiYo said that they started UPI payments, but I was never able to use it.

I’m on iOS.