Update on full KYC Biometric process - NiyoX

No response from the team and kyc is not yet completed no agent has come yet

It’s been a week or so. No Agent came nor called for KYC!!!

Do I have any new updates from you? Is there anything I could to do? @ashrithjain

My full KYC was scheduled for today. However, no one called and no PIN given.
I did a chat with the customer support 3 times now since yesterday and still no updates. They dont even know what is going on as ECOM is a third party.
After so many chats and a ticket raised, we should have taken the issue on a higher priority. And this is when I have scheduled the visit on the app and have kept myself available accordingly. However, customer support has no clue; no phones to call, no emailIDs to raise and no escalation points known.

Is this how niyox is going to work please? This is a banking/finance app. If Niyo is not able to control their third-party; then how can it trust the app. If my money goes missing or anything else happens, then also I will keep hearing that Niyo has no control over the third party?

Is this really a new age banking?

Hey @nsarathc @shaik_imran @swetagupta ! Not to worry, I’ve escalated this to our KYC team and your Full KYC shall be completed at the earliest.


Agent didn’t came to Completed my KYC

Hey @Rkgonimilli ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:.

Could you please reschedule for Full KYC from the app? If you experience the same once more, not to worry, we’ll take it up from there!


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@ashrithjain I too had same issue more than a month… I posted in community, had checked with support also but there is no positive outcome nor getting any updates

@ashrithjain i am having the same problem. i know that due to covid situation you may have some delays but this is to much… i have rescheduled the agent visit like 6 or 7 times but no OTP received and no agent visited. Please take this seriously and i can’t transfer or spend beyond certain limitations

Hey @sajanzerif @Naveen_Reddy ! Regret the inconvenience. Please note that due to the pandemic, you might experience slight delay. Not to worry, we’ll make sure that your Full KYC is completed smoothly.

I’m escalating the case to the concerned team.


@ashrithjain @Bansari :FYI, the first concern regarding KYC raised on AUG 23rd and I have been trying for KYC couple of weeks before that. So more than 2 months passed. Does it take this much long…?
I can assume there is no action being taken at all and I didn’t receive even a single call whether any action being taken or if you are not able to do it, please say that atleast, so that I will just try to close my account

@ashrithjain @Bansari : would expect some reply… or atleast let me know that it can’t be done then I will proceed with account closure.